Advantages and Disadvantages of Penile Extenders 

The penis extender may be an incomprehensible word to many people, but in the simplest answer, it can be said that this device is used to stretch the penis of men in order to increase the length and volume.

Benefits and uses of the penis extender

Continuous and correct use of the penis extender will increase the thickness, hardness and of course increase the length of the erection, and these effects will be permanent, and you may ask yourself how this device is safe and has no side effects with such beneficial effects. The answer to this hypothesis is very simple. penis extender is just a skin stimulant and will take you to your desired goal without any pain or danger.

The penis extender consists of a number of rubber rings that are attached to two parallel rods. A silicone strip placed on top of the rod holds the cap of the penis. Modern medical views are positive about the penis extender and often confirm the effectiveness of this device. And it works like this: a device that makes new tissues in skin grafts and increases bone length.

More pleasure during orgasm has a cause-and-effect relationship with proper blood supply to the penis, and since one of the functions of this device is proper blood supply to the penis, it ultimately leads to more pleasure than imagined during orgasm; Here are the other features and how the penis extender works:

Penis growth up to 20 cm in the erect position
Increase ejaculation rate and strengthen sexual vigor
Increase the diameter by 1 to 1.5 cm
Treatment of psychosis due to small penis

Device performance and use of penis extender

The program design of this product was first proposed in the United States, and after passing the practical steps and an overview of its side effects, it was sent to the global market. Since the use of this device does not cause any side effects, people often resort to surgeries. Prefer high-risk; The problem of abnormal and small penis will openly cause mental disorders and decrease self-confidence, and since many men in our country suffer from sexual problems such as small penis and premature ejaculation, it should be noted that the penis extender In Iran, it has succeeded in receiving the certificate of the Ministry of Health. In general, after referring to doctors, this device is prescribed to patients with sexual problems.

Stimulating the growth of penile body tissues with this device increases the length and diameter, but the question is how much is this increase? Is it so small that it is not visible or will it grow in such a way that the look of the pants makes us laugh? Fortunately, with the help of the tissues of the penis and the degree of its elasticity, the average increase in length is between 3 to 4 cm and its diameter will usually grow 1 to 1.5 cm. Use this device.

The purpose of this method is to stimulate the growth of the tissues of the body of the penis, which leads to an increase in the length of the penis to 3 to 4 cm and the effect of increasing the circumference of the penis to 1 cm. This device is not visible on the pants in any way, the increase in size created with this device is permanent and is irreversible.

Unfortunately, the average penis length of Asian men is low, so it is better not to say sarcastically: What is an penis extender, because 5 out of 10 people have a penis between 9 and 12 cm; Stretching is one of the safest styles of penis lengthening due to its small size. It goes without saying that the Arabs from the past to the present have a method similar to the penis extender, which is based on stretching.

Asian men are one of the most concerned about the size of their penis. The average penis size of Asian men is 13 cm. Stretching is one of the most effective and safe methods that can solve the problem of these people so that they can have good sex.

Among the Arabs, there is a technique called Jalking, which has been passed down from generation to generation for many years, and its work is based on traction.

The appropriate age to use this device is from 18 years old onwards, because the growth of the penis will almost stop until reaching this age, and when you use this device, you are almost disappointed with the growth of your penis and you are looking for treatment. The penis extender is also certified such as ISO 2003 and the European CIA Certificate.

Often doctors not only do not support this type of invented device, but also advise people not to use it at all, but because the effects of this device are really practical and have been able to cure many people. Doctors were required to prescribe it for patients with this disease, citing the existing certificates and the correct effects and low side effects.

Everyone is aware of the fact that most medical devices have side effects. The description of this device emphasizes that there are no side effects to using it, and writing this passage, which is without side effects, does not indicate that it is completely harmless, and this passage It is the basis for making counterfeit samples in our country, so try to buy standard samples with a barcode specific to the country of manufacture so that you do not get caught up in profiteering.